Temporary Staffing.  Diversified Employment Services’ primary aim is to provide you with the most professional on-call temporary personnel available – individuals who will not just replace, but enhance your core office staff.  With our employees, you can feel confident that your immediate and emergency needs, long or short term, are always satisfied.


Temp-To-Hire.  When you list a position with Diversified that you intend to be a permanent position or direct hire.  Temp-to-hire allows you to screen the candidate by having them work as a temporary before extending a permanent offer.  We provide the service of interviewing and selecting an appropriate candidate and, for a specific period of time, keep them on our payroll while you, the client, observe their job performance.  After the work period is satisfied, you hire the employee at no charge, or in some cases for a small fee if it is prior to the time period agreed upon.


Planned Staffing.  Here’s how it works!  When permanent employees give notice, you call your local Diversified office and give us job descriptions.  Our trained consultants immediately go to work to provide you with replacements.  These employees will be capable of doing the work and willing to stay on indefinitely.  This can be a program designed to staff your entire facility with long term temporary employees on our payroll.  This solves your company’s ongoing staffing needs in a very cost-effective way.


Payrolling.  A situation wherein you, the client company, have recruited a potential employee.  However, to save administrative costs, you turn to Diversified to process the employee’s payroll including paychecks, payroll taxes, worker’s compensation, and unemployment.  In essence, Diversified is acting as your bookkeeping service.    


Direct Hire/Permanent Placement.  We are a full-service agency, state registered and bonded.  Our professional consultants are fully trained to find individuals who are best qualified to meet your personnel needs.  At Diversified, providing qualified staff for your business is our prime concern.




*  CUSTOM RECRUITMENT      Working closely with your Human Resource and/or Management Department, Diversified Employment Services, Inc. will recruit candidates specifically according to your special needs and requirements, saving your time, effort, and money by assuring you the right people when you need staffing help.


* MASTER ACCOUNT FILE Di  * MASTER ACCOUNT FILE          Diversified Employment Services will maintain a master file on your account, including such information as skills requested, job descriptions, employees sent to your company, follow-up work evaluations on each person, special requests, etc.


* USAGE REPORTS If you wish,   * USAGE REPORTS            If you wish, we will provide you with periodic reports on your temporary help usage—by department, skills, hours worked, etc.  Such reports will be tailored to your individual needs, and can prove very helpful for long range planning.


* PROJECT PLANNING Diversi  * PROJECT PLANNING            Diversified Employment Services will be happy to work with you in planning your staffing needs for special projects or seasonal work needs.  We can arrange pre-training and orientation of temporary teams on our premises or yours.


                                                                       *  PERMANENT AVAILABILITY       As a special benefits customer, should you decide that you would like to hire permanently one of our employees, and they are agreeable, just give us a call.  We will allow the transfer to your payroll to take place after certain minimal requirements are met.


* SPECIAL RATE STRUCTURE            Diversified Employment Services prides itself on providing quality candidates at very competitive prices.  In addition, as a special benefits customer, you will be entitled to special rates, based on volume.