Value Added Services


A.               EMPLOYEE SCREENING:


All of our employees are pre-screened and qualified by telephone prior to being given an appointment for an interview.  Our employees must have references for us to check prior to hiring.


1.                 INTERVIEWING

All employees are given a comprehensive interview by one of our Specialists.  Much attention is placed on this evaluation interview, as it is vital that we employ only the most qualified & reliable personnel.


2.                 TESTING

Our applicants’ skills are tested on a computer, which enables us to analyze the range and depth of their skills more thoroughly than ever before.  Our tests include typing, transcription, shorthand, office automation, word processing and data entry.  We test their skills on the QWIZ System, a fully integrated PC computer-based system for evaluating and enhancing the skills of today’s highly skilled office workers.  The scores are based on the International Method for typing speed and the Gregg Method for scoring shorthand.  It also grades on accuracy, speed, and proficiency.




Once an applicant is hired, he/she receives a comprehensive orientation of our company policies, procedures, regulations, safety information and video, workers compensation package, benefits, incentive programs, substance abuse policies, retention programs, and payroll procedures.




We take pride in our proven employee assigning systems.  Skill levels and their availability specifically categorize all our employees, allowing us immediate access to all pertinent data via computer terminals that are available to every Staffing Specialist.  This streamline system provides us with the ability to respond immediately for temporary personnel requests.




We give our employees a written, in-person, customized orientation for each assignment they are sent on.  This orientation is inclusive of their working hours, directions, supervisors, job description, pay rate, payroll procedures, and our Client Company policies.


E.                SAFETY PROGRAM:

Diversified is committed to the safe employment of all its temporary employees.  Every employee is given a complete safety orientation and training prior to employment.  Our safety orientation includes the following:


Videos - Can be customized to meet your requirements by showing a video that you have supplied to us.


Orientations- All employees read, review, and sign our General Safety Rules form which outlines safe working practices on the job.  HazCom training is provided where required.


Committees- Diversified’s Safety Committee meets monthly to discuss continued safe working practices and current safety issues.  Our safety committee is comprised of in-house staff, as well as temporary employees.

Incentives- In order to encourage safe working practices, we have a monthly cash incentive and an annual prize drawing available for our employees who have worked without sustaining injury on the job.


Partnering- By evaluating work sites and job descriptions, we are able to determine your requirements and fill the job properly.  We work together with our client to provide a safe working environment for our employees.  Drug testing and background checks are coordinated with your company policy.


F.                VALUE ADDED SERVICES

Diversified Employment Services, Inc. can provide your company with many extra services at no additional cost.  These services include:


Annual Quality Meetings to determine the quality of our services to your company and ways we can improve.


Temporary Employee Evaluations to determine how well the employee is working and where they can improve their performance and productivity.


Customized Billing can be arranged to fit your specific invoicing needs.


Customized Reports can be produced for you to track in information you require.


On Site Coordinator can be provided where required, depending on the volume of business.




Each of our Staffing Specialists handles specific skill areas so that they know each of our employee’s skills and availability on an individual basis.  This solidifies a professional/personal relationship resulting in a more informed, cooperative relationship.





We recognize the importance of all employees.  To establish and maintain the proper employer/employee relationship, we keep in contact with our employees via the telephone as well as periodically sending them pertinent information bulletins.  We offer an excellent benefit package to our employees, including scheduled pay increases, insurance coverage, retention incentive pay, holiday pay, and completion bonuses.  There are also events planned especially for them on an annual basis to express our appreciation and to foster the Diversified Employment identity.




We maintain a roster of 2500+ employees.  Many of these employees have been with us for several years.




Our clients rely on us for short as well as long term assignments.  Our assignments range from four hours to indefinite periods.  We do our best assigning people who are responsible and reliable.  When our employees accept an assignment, our retention programs reinforce their commitment to complete that assignment.




Diversified Employment Services, Inc., guarantees the quality of our temporary employees.  If our client is not satisfied and we are notified within the first four hours, arrangements will be made immediately for a free four-hour replacement.


We are dedicated to maintaining a long-term relationship with each and every one of our client companies.  Because of this business philosophy, we are more than willing to cooperate to solve problems so that we can enjoy a productive, long-term business relationship with each and every client.


V.                INSURANCE:


We have Worker’s Compensation and General Liability insurance coverage for all of our employees.  A copy of our Certificate of Insurance is available upon request.


VI.             INVOICING:


We issue invoices on a weekly basis.  Our terms are Net Due Upon Receipt of the Invoice.